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5 Pro tips to score more in English Literature Paper

IB English Literature

Every year over 1.73 lakh students appear for the IB curriculum. You see IB is definitely one of the most competitive curriculum but you can score well if you are dedicated or well-prepared in advance. Know where you stand and what you expect from your future, only then you will be motivated to excel in the exam.

Parents these days are interested in enrolling their kids in IB schools or IB curricula because they understand the need of the moment and how quickly the competition is kicking. They want their kids to study abroad so they can have a brighter future and vast opportunities.

This article is for students who have enrolled themselves in the IB curriculum and want to know how to score well in the HL English Literature Paper.

Here are pro tips for HL English Literature Paper:

1. Start as Soon as You Can: Better if you could start learning, reading, and writing as soon as possible. This will help you cope with what you are learning every day. You can easily recall what you studied in class and revise at your own pace. Do not procrastinate what you have planned to study and also don’t make sacrifices when it comes to studying. Make a habit of studying regularly so you don’t have to worry at the last moment.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Literary Tools: For IB students, it is expected to identify literary devices that are used in the work. You need to understand the metaphors, similes, imagery, symbols, and allusions to determine their importance in the work. With regular practice, you will be able to identify and analyze literary devices. Keep yourself up with the literary development in the work.

3. Look for Past Papers: If you are confused about how to start where to start or what areas of the subject to cover then look for past papers. Past papers help you understand the pattern of the exam and also you can learn the level of difficulty and prepare yourself accordingly.

4. Introductory Paragraph: Your introductory paragraph is your key to winning the heart of the teacher! Draft your introductory paragraph in a way that hooks the reader for a longer period. The more they read it, the more interest it will hold. Make sure to give your thesis a pattern that keeps up the interest of the reader.

5. Try Practice Runs: Take time to practice! With great practice comes great results. Stick to your idea of studying and also run practice tests that help you keep grounded and learn where you stand. Make sure to test yourself from time to time this will help you understand your level. This will help you improve your reading and writing skills.

We hope that our tips for the HL English Literature paper helped you understand what needs to be done to score well in English Literature Paper.

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