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With years of guiding students, "Riforma"is committed to expanding career opportunities for school students through innovative teaching approaches. In addition to promoting academic excellence, the organization aims to nurture individuals characterized by exceptional personal and professional integrity.

Prity Pramanik,
Co-founder and IBDP Chemsitry& Math Facilitator

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Our core objective revolves around amplifying the creative and intellectual aptitudes of students. We aim to furnish them with essential cutting-edge competencies, empowering them to excel in the dynamic challenges of the 21st century and contributing to the broader global student community.


  • Harnessing technology to empower students with personalized and accessible educational experiences.

  • Pioneering innovative teaching methods and tools to enhance the overall learning process.

  • Focusing on holistic education by fostering not only academic knowledge but also essential skills for the future.

  • Committing to the success of every student by tailoring learning experiences, promoting engagement, and ensuring measurable outcomes.

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