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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a globally recognized educational program for students between the ages of 16 and 19. It provides a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum to develop well-rounded, globally aware individuals. The IBDP is well-known for emphasizing critical thinking, academic rigor, and overall development.

Key Features and Advantages of the IBDP:

  1. Broad and Balanced Curriculum

  2. Holistic Approach

  3. International Perspective

  4. Critical Thinking and Inquiry-Based Learning

IB-DP Subject Groups

The IBDP offers a wide range of subject options, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and future goals. Students typically choose one subject from each of the first five groups, while the sixth subject can be from any group. This flexibility allows students to explore their interests while maintaining a balanced academic program. Students need to take 3 higher level(HL) and 3 standard level(SL) subjects

Group 1: Studies in language and literature

English Teacher

Literature and Performance


English Japanese Dictionary

Language A: Language and Literature

Open Books

Language A: Literature

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Classical language

Language B

Language ab initio

Group 3: Individuals And Societies

Business Meeting

Business management


World religions

Stock Market Quotes


Stack of Books


Geography Lesson


Friendly Conversation


Country Flags

Global Politics

cultural gate

PsycholoSocial and cultural anthropologygy



Electronic Circuit

Information technology in a global society

Group 3: Science

Image by Robina Weermeijer



Design Technology

Image by Terry Vlisidis


Holding Plant

Environmental systems and societies



Sports Facility 3

Sports, exercise and health science

Coding Station

Computer Science

Group 5: Mathematics


Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL

Digital Calculator

Mathematics: analysis and approaches HL

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL

Write on the blackboard

Mathematics: applications and interpretation HL

Group 6: Arts



Film Student


Music Class


In the theater


Wet Paintbrushes

Visual Arts

DP Core Elements


Theory of Knowledge (TOK)


Extended Essay (EA)

Art Class

Creativity, action, service (CAS)


Fitness Classes

Anytime, Anywhere

IB-DP Exam Timelines

The main exam session is typically held in May, lasting around two to three weeks. There is also a supplementary session in November. Students sit for their exams in designated examination centers.

After exams, papers are externally assessed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Results are usually released in July for May and January for November exams. Students receive scores from 1 to 7 per subject, which determines their final Diploma Programme score, ranging from 0 to 45.

IBDP at Riforma

1. Qualified and Experienced Tutors: At Riforma, we understand the importance of qualified and experienced tutors familiar with the IBDP curriculum and assessment requirements. That's why we only hire the best tutors who are subject matter experts, have teaching experience of a minimum of 5 years, and have a proven track record of success.

2. Structured Teaching Model: We believe in a structured teaching model that covers all the topics and concepts in a comprehensive manner. Our courses are designed to give you a strong foundation and a deep understanding of the material.

3. Sectional and Full-Length Testing Cycles: We provide sectional and full-length testing cycles to help you track your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you understand where you stand and what areas to focus on.

4. Flexibility and Customization: We understand that your schedule and learning style may be different from other students. That's why we offer flexibility in scheduling and customization of study plans to suit your needs. We will work with you to create the best plan for you.

5. Topic-Wise Drills and Booster Sessions: Sometimes, even after going through the course material, you may still have conceptual gaps. To address this, we provide topic-wise drills and booster sessions to fill in any gaps in your understanding.

6. Track Record of Success: We are proud of our track record of success, including high pass rates and excellent student feedback. Our success is a reflection of our commitment to our student's success.

7. Transparent Communication and Feedback: We believe in transparent communication and feedback mechanisms, such as progress reports and regular updates on your performance. We want to ensure you are always aware of your progress and what you need to do to improve.

8. Commitment to Your Success: At our tutoring company, we are committed to your success. We will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals and succeed in the IBDP program

IB-DP- Misconceptions

In grade 11, switching from an Indian curriculum like CBSE to an IB curriculum is a bad idea.

The IBDP is a globally recognized and renowned program that empowers Indian students by honing their skills, broadening their knowledge, and providing a global perspective. Switching from the Indian curriculum to the IBDP is a strategic decision worth considering because it opens doors to study abroad and provides a competitive advantage. Students are better prepared for success in a rapidly changing world thanks to the IBDP's emphasis on critical thinking, holistic development, and intercultural understanding. Its international recognition ensures that the rigorous program is valued by universities worldwide, improving the chances of admission to prestigious institutions. The IBDP curriculum provides students with diverse skills, fostering adaptability and readiness for higher education and the global job market. Students develop leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility through extracurricular activities and community service, which universities and employers highly value. Accepting the transformative IBDP pathway allows Indian students to embark on a remarkable educational journey that shapes their future success, combining academic excellence with global personal growth.

IBDP is only for academically gifted students

One common misconception about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is that it is only designed for exceptionally bright or gifted students. However, it is critical to dispel this myth because the IBDP is intended to provide a comprehensive and inclusive education for students with a wide range of abilities and interests. The IBDP's dedication to providing a well-rounded curriculum ensures that students from various academic backgrounds benefit from its rigorous academic standards, critical thinking emphasis, and global perspective. By dispelling the notion of exclusivity, the IBDP allows a broader range of students to take advantage of its numerous benefits and prepare themselves for future success in the global arena.

IBDP is only for students pursuing a career in academia

While the IBDP is rigorous and academically challenging, it is not solely focused on preparing students for a career in academia. The program promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and other skills that are valuable in various career paths and industries.

IB-DP scores are not accepted by Indian universities

Indian universities acknowledge IB scores; however, it is not a viable option because Indian college admissions timelines and IB result declarations do not coincide. Because of this time difference, few students apply to Indian universities with their IB results.

IB curriculum is not suited for Indian students

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging programme which covers depth and breadth in 6 subjects at a time. It fosters in its students the need to think outside the box. Emphasis is on concepts and individualized research rather than on memorizing facts and achieving sky rocketed scores. Moreover, the IB Diploma Programme is recognized by the Indian Government. We cannot ignore the fact that IB curriculum is expensive in comparison to local colleges. Furthermore, it also does not prepare students wishing to apply for IIT and BITS. The IB curriculum is different from Indian curriculums like CBSE, ICSE and hence coping up with IB as well as Indian entrance curriculum exams can be a tough task. However, the IB curriculum gives Indian students a glimpse of the university level courses abroad. Hence, IBDP is well suited for an Indian student who wishes to study overseas

IBDP is limited to the arts and humanities

Some people mistakenly believe that the IBDP primarily focuses on subjects in the arts and humanities, neglecting the sciences. However, the IBDP curriculum offers a range of subjects across different disciplines, including mathematics, sciences, and foreign languages.

IBDP is only recognized by a few universities

The IBDP is widely recognized and respected by universities worldwide. It is accepted by thousands of institutions in numerous countries, including prestigious universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other nations

IBDP is all about exams

While exams are an important component of the IBDP, the program emphasizes a holistic approach to education. It includes a variety of assessment methods, including coursework, projects, presentations, and extended essays, which allow students to demonstrate their understanding and skills beyond traditional exams.

IBDP is only for students planning to study abroad

While the IBDP is an internationally recognized program, it is not limited to students planning to study abroad. It can be pursued by students in their home countries as well, providing them with a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience.

IBDP is too demanding and stressful

The IBDP is undoubtedly challenging, but it is designed to provide a well-rounded education rather than overwhelming students with excessive stress. The program promotes time management, organization, and independent learning skills to help students effectively manage their workload

IBDP limits subject choices

Some individuals believe that the IBDP restricts students' subject choices, forcing them to focus on a limited range of subjects. However, the program offers a wide range of subject options, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and strengths.

IBDP does not promote creativity

Another misconception is that the IBDP is solely focused on rote learning and does not encourage creativity. In fact, the program emphasizes critical thinking, independent research, and creative problem-solving skills through various components such as the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirements.

IBDP is only for native English speakers

The IBDP is designed to be accessible to students from diverse linguistic backgrounds. While English is the language of instruction in many schools offering the IBDP, the program also accommodates students who are non-native English speakers by providing support and resources to help them succeed. Additionally, the IBDP offers language acquisition courses to enhance students' language skills.

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